President Buhari Would Be Removed Either By Impeachment Or Sickness This 2020 – Pastor Onua Chukuma


Pastor Onua Chukuma as of late uncovered that President Buhari probably won’t have the option to finish his residency. Below is what Pastor Onua Chukuma said about President Muhammadu Buhari

“I saw threat, disarray!, Buhari ought to be cautious. On the off chance that Mr President endures what anticipates him, as God indicated me, from this point until November finishing, at that point he will serve out his term. In any case, as it stands now, Buhari would be evacuated either by arraignment or affliction this 2020. This is the much that I would uncover. “The President must be exceptionally cautious from this point until November, to abstain from slamming out! On the off chance that by any possibility he endures the warnings in front of him in the profound domain from January to November finishing, at that point he will finish his subsequent residency.”


“God indicated that he will uncover numerous deceitful, counterfeit ministers, particularly ritualists marching themselves as righteous men. A similar destiny anticipates mysterious government officials, aside from in the event that they apologize, as God cautioned that the intensity of the realms that they have rested their destiny in will baffle huge numbers of them. Numerous legislators will lose what they have in 2020. Let them come back to God and be spared. There would be more trouble in 2020. Let Nigerians petition God for God’s leniency, that God may support the nation and her residents. With the exception of by God’s benevolence, there is threat ahead and things would deteriorate for the nation.”


“Government officials be careful! Numerous lawmakers, who feel that they have amassed enough riches would get eager. Numerous lawmakers will go to jail and uncovering any awesome intercession we as of now have the rundown of those that may probably join previous Abia State representative at the remedial focus, and they will wind up losing for all intents and purposes all that they have.”


“I saw the (All Progressive Congress) APC filled with massive touchy emergency. I saw the gathering going into ruins because of wild quarrels that would make some gathering chieftains to begin uncovering their messy mystery bargains in APC, to general society.”


“I see Nigeria being assaulted, if care isn’t taken! I saw an extreme flare-up of desperate inner emergency which some outsider contenders profited by to assault the nation. The outer warriors came through one of the restricting gatherings. “The exit plan is that Nigerians should go to God. God is irate with Nigerian pioneers in light of the fact that incalculable guiltless lives being squandered regularly are sobbing for retribution. Let our pioneers make the best decision. More than 80 percent of different bores of Nigerian pioneers are shrewd, merciless and they work under malice impact.”