WORLD’S RICHEST: Jeff Bezos Adds $13 Billion To His Fortune In just 15 Minutes.


The amazing Amazon founder and world’s richest person, Jeff Bezos has proven once again that he deserves the title of the world’s richest man.

The Billionaire raked in $13 Billion to his fortune in just 15 minutes, further cementing his position as the world’s richest person further.

This happened after an Amazon news release for the fourth quarter revealed that sales went up 21 percent during the holiday quarter on Thursday, the news sent the stock up by about 12% to $2,100 after-hours trading, adding a swift $12.8 billion to Bezos’ fortune in about 15 minutes.

At the current price, the Amazon founder traded places with Bill Gates for the title of the richest person in the World in recent months. He is now worth $128.9 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

The late surge Thursday also added more than $90 billion to Amazon’s market value, pushing it above $1 trillion.